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We Are Liberation 1

God is liberating through you


One is a Liberator...together We Are Liberation.

Faith. Freedom. Community. Purpose. Good Vibes.

Focused on and driven by the purpose of the church designed by God and delivered by Jesus (Matthew 22:37-4028:18-20), the DNA of Liberation Church is the biblical purpose of The Church: Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry, Mission, and Worship.


Liberated to Liberate

We are a growing intercultural, intergenerational, and vibrant Christ-centered community liberated by the truth of God's Word and living our lives as God intended.


Liberation Church exists to see people living in purpose and living free in Christ

Connecting people to Jesus Christ and their God-given destiny freeing them to live fully liberated and empowering them to lead, influence, and liberate others.



We share our joys and our pains. We encourage each other spiritually, emotionally, physically, and materially. We desire that everyone who walks through our doors will feel welcomed and experience the liberating love of Jesus Christ.


We strive to exhibit faith that is both child-like and audacious. It is simple, trusting, complete, and bold.


We are committed to transformational growth, equipping all to follow Jesus Christ, live in freedom, and carry the message of life, hope, salvation and liberation to others.


With Jesus Christ as our example, we seek to serve others selflessly with the heart of a servant.

Freedom. Faith. Community. Purpose. (and Good Vibes.)

"Liberation Church looks like a cafe, feels like a family room, vibes like a live set, and moves like a community. This is the church."

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